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Culpeper PRODIGY decking is Culpeper CLEAR re-manufactured with relief cuts that run the entire length of the underside of the board. This unique profile helps reduce cupping, warping and splitting. Over the lifetime of your deck the relief cuts add an extra level of protection against the effects of nature, making Culpeper PRODIGY The Ultimate Deck Board. If you want real wood without breaking the bank, Culpeper PRODIGY is the product for you.

NO MATTER YOUR PROJECT, ALWAYS APPLY A QUALITY PAINT, STAIN OR SEALANT FROM ANY CULPEPER STOCKING DEALER.   A simple test to be sure your project is thoroughly dry enough to accept a finish is as follows: Splash water on the deck surface, if water droplets form on contact, the lumber is not yet dry enough to accept a finish. If water is absorbed into the wood it is time to apply or reapply a quality paint, stain or sealant. We recommend sealing your deck once a year.

Please zoom and compare the different 2x6 decking grades and choose the product that is right for you.

Culpeper PRODIGY

Available in:
2×6 (12', 16', 20' only)


Actual dimensions:
2×6 (1-3/8” x 5-3/8”)

Each year, more than a million decks are built or upgraded in America. Homeowners are rediscovering the charm and practicality of outdoor living spaces. Beauty, added value and comfort are just a few reasons why decks and porches are so popular. These “outdoor rooms” extend the living space of the home for open-air entertainment and relaxation. With so many decking material options to choose from, it's hard to know what is the best decking option for you. To help put decking material prices into perspective, here's a list of comparative deck pricing for you.


As you can see, there is a wide range of pricing options for your decking. A few points you may wish to consider:

  • All the above decking prices are listed as square foot prices to help you compare decking material prices more easily.
  • When factoring all the costs in building a new deck, the decking boards themselves typically account for only about 25% of the total cost of a new deck.
  • The initial price of your decking is only one consideration when choosing a decking material.  How long will your decking boards last?  Southern Yellow Pine treated wood has been around for over 50 years with a proven performance record if maintained once a year.
  • After your deck is built, the decking boards will be the most visible part of your deck. Why not use a material that you can be proud of? There is no substitute for the look and feel of real wood. Wood decking provides a warm, natural look that blends beautifully with the landscape. Plastic or plastic composites, even with faux wood grain, still look and feel artificial.
  • All decking products require yearly maintenance, yes even the most expensive composites.  Why spend up to 5 times the cost on composites when you can enjoy an equally beautiful, all natural, affordable low cost product by using Southern Yellow Pine treated wood.