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Culpeper DECK ACCESSORIES are a perfect way to finish off your deck, porch or outdoor project. From decorative handrail to lattice panels, we have all the products you need to finish your project. All accessories are made of top quality #1 Grade Southern Yellow Pine unless otherwise indicated.

NO MATTER YOUR PROJECT, ALWAYS APPLY A QUALITY PAINT, STAIN OR SEALANT FROM ANY CULPEPER STOCKING DEALER. A simple test to be sure your project is thoroughly dry enough to accept a finish is as follows: Splash water on the deck surface, if water droplets form on contact, the lumber is not yet dry enough to accept a finish. If water is absorbed into the wood it is time to apply or reapply a quality paint, stain or sealant. We recommend sealing your deck once a year.


48” Double Grooved Deck Post with notch
54” Colonial Turned Post White Pine

Step Stringers

3 Step, 4 Step, 5 Step, 6 Step
7” rise, 11” run


8, 10, 12, and 16 step stringers are available as
special order


4'×8' Regular (3/8" Thick, 2-5/8" Hole Size)
4'×8' Heavy Duty (3/4" Thick, 2-5/8" Hole Size)
4'×8' Regular Privacy (3/8" Thick, 1-3/4" Hole Size)
4'×8' Ultra Privacy (3/8" Thick, 3/4" Hole Size)

Lattice Strips

1/4"× 2"–8’
1/4"× 2"–16’

Mailbox Posts

Slant Top
Gothic Top

Treated Maine Ornamental Post Caps

4"×4" Newport Ball
4"×4" Newport Classic
4"×4", 6"×6" Victoria Copper Highpoint
4"×4", 6"×6" Victoria Stainless Steel Highpoint




2×2: 36", 42", 48", 8’, 12’
Actual dimensions:
1-3/8" x 1-3/8"




2×2: 36", 42", 48", 8’, 12’
Clear Grade
Actual dimensions:
1-3/8" x 1-3/8"




2×2 Jumbo: 36", 42", 48", 8’, 12’
Actual dimensions:
1-7/16" x 1-7/16"


All Balusters Available in:
SE (square end), B1E (beveled one end), B2E (beveled two ends)



2×3×8’ and 12’
Oval Handrail
Clear Grade

Turned Spindles

2x3x36” Contemporary Spindle
Actual dimensions:
1-3/8” x 2”


Roof Cants

Prevent leaking with our pressure treated roof
cants. Placed in the corners where horizontal roof
surfaces meet vertical walls, cants function to
keep the flashing or other roofing materials
(which usually have a limited bending radius)
from tearing at these corners and leaking.


Available in:
4×4: 8’, 10’ and 12’

Grade Stakes

Our 1×2 grade stakes are ideal for garden stakes,
bracing a post, anchoring a tree, securing and
stabilizing lawn edging, laying out a new deck or
patio, and bracing concrete forms.


Available in:
12”, 18”, 36”