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A Resource Worth Preserving

Wood is the most environmentally friendly building material available today. Unlike steel, concrete or plastics, it takes very little energy to produce. And unlike all other building materials, wood is a renewable resource.

Responsible Use
In 2006 the lumber industry harvested over 17.6 billion board feet of Southern Pine, while the total acreage of Southern forests continued to increase. Responsible use of our renewable resources means that future generations will be able to enjoy both the benefits of a sound environment and the beauty that building with wood brings to our homes and communities.

Treated Lumber Saves Trees
Treating wood with preservatives increases its benefits to the environment by increasing its working life. Under ordinary circumstances, lumber used for outdoor jobs can begin to decay in just a few seasons. But properly treated wood lasts up to twenty times longer, greatly reducing the amount of wood that would be required to replace untreated structures damaged by decay or termites.

Treated Lumber Saves You Money
An estimated 6.5 billion board feet of lumber, the equivalent of building 425,000 new homes, is conserved each year by using pressure-treated wood products. This means less strain on our forest resources, and less expense for you, the consumer, in rebuilding and repair.

By using pressure-treated Southern Pine from Culpeper Wood Preservers for your home building projects, you are making an investment in a renewable resource with great natural beauty and high resistance to decay and destruction by insects. Culpeper Wood Preservers offers a complete line of pressure-treated lumber and deck accessories. Culpeper Wood Preservers guarantees its treated wood products against damage by fungal decay and termites for as long as you own your home.