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When it comes to pressure treated wood, we do it right. Our inspectors examine every incoming load of lumber for bright, fresh, smooth appearance as well as for grade and moisture content. To eliminate rusting and scarring, we reband every bundle with color coded synthetic straps, positioned uniformly along the wood.

After treatment, we take boring samples from every charge and analyze them in our quality control laboratory to ensure they meet the standards of the American Wood Protection Association and the International Code Council. In addition a third party inspection agency, Timber Products Inspection Inc., certifies that we meet or exceed those standards. Not only do we store most of our pressure treated lumber under roof, but we have paved our yards and installed steel runners to help keep our stacks of lumber orderly and clean. The result: Our pressure treated lumber looks as bright when it leaves our plant as when it first arrived. Culpeper Wood Preservers is proud to partner with KOPPERS to supply you with the latest advancements in treated lumber. We treat wtih Micropro, CCA, and Borate.

Culpeper Aqua Shield is our optional built-in water repellent.

MCA (micronized copper azole) MicroPro®

MicroPro Revolutionary Technology

MicroPro® technology is a revolutionary way to pressure treat wood for decks, fences, landscaping and general construction uses. MicroPro pressure treated wood is treated with micronized copper preservatives, which help protect against termite damage and fungal decay. MicroPro offers many benefits including significantly improved corrosion performance. MicroPro treated wood products are US building code compliant.

Features & Benefits

  • Lighter “Natural” color
  • More natural wood appearance
  • Better paint & stainability
  • Better corrosion protection for exterior code-approved fasteners and hardware
  • Approved for aluminum contact
  • Building code compliant. ICC-ES Report, ESR-2240
  • End uses include interior and exterior above ground, ground contact, and fresh water immersion

The KOPPERS MicroPro technology is the first treated wood process to be certified under Scientific Certification Systems Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) program based on Life-Cycle Assessment.

Borate – Advance Guard® treated wood

Termites, decay fungi and other wood destroying organisms cause billions of dollars in damage to homes every year. However wood structural systems built with Advance Guard® Borate Pressure Treated Wood Products have long-term built-in protection against termites, including Formosan termites, fungal decay and many other wood destroying organisms. An additional benefit is that walls built with borate pressure treated wood limit populations of cockroaches and ants that may live in the wall system.

It is not suitable for applications exposed to the weather or in ground contact, and must be protected from exposure to liquid water.


  • Preservative treated with Disodium Octoborate Tetrahydrate (DOT)
  • Applicable only in dry interior applications such as wood frame construction
  • Protects against Formosan Termites and other wood destroying insects
  • Protects against fungal decay
  • Non-corrosive to metal fasteners
  • Non-toxic to humans and animals
  • Does not adversely effect the strength properties of the treated lumber or plywood
  • Is a colorless treatment but is also available with a dye to make job site product identification easier
  • Is applied through a pressure treatment process to optimize penetration of borate preservative
  • Lumber and plywood must be protected from exposure to the weather while in transit and while being stored at retail yards and job sites
  • Penetrates difficult to treat refractory species such as Spruce-Pine-Fir and Douglas Fir
  • Covered by a 20-Year transferable limited warranty against structural damage due to fungal decay and/or insect damage, including both native and Formosan termites

Standards and Approvals*

  • Meets American Wood Protection Association & International Code Council standards
  • Meets State of Hawaii requirements for protection against Formosan termites

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CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate)

CCA treated wood is available for certain commercial, industrial and agricultural applications, providing protection from termites, other wood destroying organisms, fungal decay and uses in the harshest marine environments.

  • Utility Poles
  • Foundation Piling
  • Highway Uses
  • Salt water Marine treated wood
  • Permanent Wood Foundations
  • Agricultural Timbers and Poles