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Why Choose Culpeper?

We understand your reputation relies on each project you complete. When building with treated wood, have peace of mind knowing we have you covered. From the vast array of product offerings to the advanced treating technology at each of our plants, we want you to be confident knowing you are supplying your customer with the best treated wood in the business... Culpeper.

Simply stated... we offer the best treated lumber in the business. Choosing Culpeper means you get the highest quality lumber and service professional builders prefer. You also get peace of mind knowing the advanced technology and our variety of wood treatment options will deliver optimal protection for all intended applications.

Backed By A Lifetime Limited Warranty.

When you buy Culpeper, you get a Lifetime Limited Warranty against failure caused by fungal decay or termites. So no matter what project you are building, you will find a Culpeper product that offers exceptional performance while meeting your needs and requirements.

Advanced Treatment Technology

With 14 treating facilities, Culpeper is one of the leaders in the wood preserving industry. When you choose Culpeper, you get a product developed and supported by our team of experts. That support includes:

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Additional Culpeper Products