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By using CULPEPER HEAVY TIMBERS you can ensure your project starts with a strong foundation. Trust the structural integrity of your project to CULPEPER HEAVY TIMBERS. Whatever your project, we stock the timbers to meet your needs.

We have over 100 different sizes of CULPEPER HEAVY TIMBERS in stock and ready for immediate shipment. They are Southern Yellow Pine and available in both MCA and CCA in a multitude of treatment retentions.

MCA Treatment Retentions Are Available In:
MCA .06
MCA .15
MCA .23

CCA Treatment Retentions Are Available In:
CCA .60
CCA .80
CCA 1.0
CCA 1.5
CCA 2.5


Landscape Timbers

Used for lawn edging, retaining walls and garden beds, CULPEPER LANDSCAPE TIMBERS are economical and beautify any home.

Available in:
8’ only


Landscape Timber

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