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Helpful Hints Through Helpful Videos

Choosing the right CULPEPER pressure treated lumber for  your project

The importance of proper board spacing and sealing end cuts

Make sure your deck is properly ventilated

Choosing the right fasteners for your project

How to maintain your deck:
staining and sealing

Deck repair & Maintenance

Helpful Building Articles

Below are some articles we hope you will find helpful when purchasing, designing and installing your treated lumber products. Of course, our knowledgeable Sales Staff is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Helpful Industry Articles

Articles that drive us - see what professionals are saying about the lumber industry:

Timber Trends on Track to Change Architecture in 2020

Think Wood spoke to some of the leading designers, developers, and timber experts to learn how wood factors into architecture and design trends for the future.

Trying to be a conscientious consumer can be difficult, especially when we’re always dragging misconceptions from the past behind us. When it comes to wood versus plastic, most of us had our ethical compasses set in the ‘80s...