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When it comes to pressure treated wood our treatments are safe, effective, and last a lifetime.

Inspectors examine every incoming load of lumber for bright, fresh, smooth appearance as well as for grade and moisture content. To eliminate rusting and scarring, we reband every bundle with color coded synthetic straps, positioned uniformly along the wood.

After treatment, we take boring samples from every charge and analyze them in our quality control laboratory to ensure they meet the standards of the American Wood Protection Association and the International Code Council. In addition, a third party inspection agency, Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB), certifies that we meet or exceed those standards.

We store most of our pressure treated lumber under roof, and we have paved yards and steel runners to help keep our stacks of lumber orderly and clean. The result: Our pressure treated lumber looks as bright when it leaves our plant as when it first arrived. Culpeper is proud to partner with KOPPERS to supply you with the latest advancements in treated lumber. We treat with MCA, CCA, CAC, FlamePRO and Borate.

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