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At CULPEPER, we constantly search for new products and services to help our customers stay more competitive. Over the years, we have expanded our pressure treated lumber product offerings to meet just about every need or application. We partner with the best producers of Southern Yellow Pine to supply all professional lumber dealers with products that are superior in quality and meet expectations relative to grade. We stock all of the products listed, and we continue to grow our product lines in response to the ever changing needs of our customers.

Culpeper is proud to treat and stock decking products for every project and every budget. Choose 5/4 or 2x6 CULPEPER DECKING to build the outdoor oasis of your dreams.

Because the little details are a big deal, we offer a full line of CULPEPER DECK ACCESSORIES to compliment your deck or backyard project.

Build on the strength of CULPEPER DIMENSIONAL LUMBER, the foundation of every outdoor project.

CULPEPER KDAT is pressure treated lumber that is redried after treatment in a controlled environment to create a more stable product, which is ready to paint, stain or seal upon installation.

Fences compliment any home or property and we have you surrounded with style and quality.  From fence boards to fence panels and more, CULPEPER FENCE PRODUCTS add value and beauty.

CULPEPER COLUMNS have the handsome appearance of veneer-encased timbers. They are treated for ground contact and can be used in place of fiberglass or aluminum columns for a substantial cost savings.

PALMETTO PRIMED TRIM BOARDS are KDAT clear trim boards that are pre-primed at the factory.  Our trim boards offer a great appearance at an economical price.

The industry's largest variety of heavy timbers for the largest variety of uses. By using CULPEPER HEAVY TIMBERS you can ensure your project starts with a strong foundation.

From sheathing to sub flooring CULPEPER PLYWOOD is available in a variety of grades, thicknesses and treatments.

Culpeper pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine is a superior choice for CULPEPER PORCH FLOORING. With its natural and timeless beauty, enjoy a lazy summer afternoon on your new porch from Culpeper.

Why settle on one color when you can have two? Sylvanix Elite is the only composite deck board featuring two different colors on each board to easily mix colors to create visual interest with accents, borders, patterns and custom designs.