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CULPEPER CCA Pressure Treated wood products have stood the test of time dating all the way back to the 1940’s.  The CCA wood preservative system meets the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) Standards and meets all major building code requirements. CCA treated wood is available for certain commercial, industrial and agricultural applications, providing protection from termites, other wood destroying organisms, fungal decay and uses in the harshest marine environments.

While CCA is no longer used in the construction of decks, fences, fresh water boat dock decking, playsets, gazebos, retaining walls, and a variety of other residential applications, it still has many uses:

Culpeper Marine Products

    • Utility Poles
    • Foundation Piling
    • Highway Uses
    • Salt water Marine treated wood
    • Permanent Wood Foundations
    • Agricultural Timbers and Poles
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CCA Tongue & Groove

Additional Culpeper Products