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CULPEPER FLAMEPRO® brand fire retardant treated wood (FRTW) is lumber and plywood pressure impregnated with FlamePRO Interior Type A High Temperature (HT) fire retardant chemicals. FlamePRO brand fire retardant is a proven successful formulation based on the American Wood Protection Association P50 Standard for Fire Retardants.

CULPEPER FlamePRO product is treated to order at the Fredericksburg, Columbia, and Orangeburg facilities for convenient shipping and turnaround times.

FlamePRO® brand fire retardant treated wood is typically specified for use in interior areas not exposed to the weather or wetting and where the adopted building code permits the use of wood or fire retardant treated wood.


  • Independently Tested
  • Highly Cost Effective
  • Quality Monitored by Independently Inspection Agency
  • Limited Warranty
  • Pressure Treated (Not a Paint or Coating)
  • Low Corrosion to Metal, Hardware and Fasteners
  • Low Hygroscopicity
  • Low Smoke Development Values
  • Low Flamespread Index Values
  • ICC-ESR Report
  • Superior Strength Durability
  • ASTM E84 Extended 30-minute Test
  • ASTM E119 1 & 2 Hour Wall Assemblies
  • Optional Orange Color for Building Site Recognition


All FlamePro brand fire retardant treated wood has been tested at Underwriters Laboratories resulting in flame spread and smoke development ratings of 25 or less when subjected to ASTM E84 surface burning characteristics in tests of 30 minute duration without evidence of significant progressive combustion. Consequently, wood treated with FlamePro fire retardant has qualified for the UL “FR-S”, Class A, “Class 1” classification for surface burning characteristics.