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Protect our earth today for our children’s tomorrow.

CULPEPER is among the largest wholesale lumber treaters in the United States selling a wide range of quality products including dimensional lumber, timbers and specialty products. We service customers all over the Eastern and Mid- Western United States from our eleven locations in Culpeper, VA, Fredericksburg, VA, Shelbyville, IN, Columbia, SC, Orangeburg, SC, Branchville, SC, Coleridge, NC, Cove City, NC, Roanoke Rapids, NC, Federalsburg, MD, and Lancaster MA. We serve local, regional and national professional-oriented retail lumber companies. We strive to deal only with industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers who have similar values regarding environmentally sound practices and products.

We are committed to (1) reducing pollution, (2) conducting business ethically, (3) using trucking companies that operate clean, efficient equipment and maintaining our own fleet to these standards, (4) complying with local, state and federal environmental legislation, (5) conserving natural resources (6) making environmental management and responsibility a part of our every day business operations, (7) making our employees sensitive to the importance of environmental issues and (8) advancing our environmental practices as policy, technology and knowledge evolves.

We seek out wood suppliers that are certified by recognized forestry sustainability agencies including the Sustainable Forestry Initiative of the American Forest and Paper Association. CULPEPER continues to encourage suppliers to adhere to these standards.

We expect our suppliers to practice sustainable forestry management and timber procurement. We continue to work closely with our suppliers and encourage them to develop products that are environmentally responsible. We recycle at our manufacturing facilities and encourage using recycled materials. We continually look for ways to minimize the environmental safety risks for our employees, associates and our customers.

We continually look for new and improved products that fit our environmental stance in the industry. We continually work with our employees to achieve responsible environmental practices at the plant level and work towards continuous improvement in this area.

Culpeper’s Corporate Conduct. Culpeper is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business conduct. These standards represent the foundation of our company and guide our business practices and relationships. Our suppliers, customers and all who are associated with Culpeper should adhere to these standards in their dealings with one another and the community.

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