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CULPEPER LAMINATED TIMBER COLUMNS have the handsome appearance of veneer-encased timbers without requiring extra construction time. They are treated for ground contact and can be used in place of fiberglass or aluminum columns for a substantial cost savings.

Traditional solid timber columns are prone to warping and cracking in a short period of time after installation. Laminated timber columns by Culpeper are lighter, easier to handle and much less likely to twist and crack than traditional solid columns.  For unrivaled strength and beauty, a clean finish and no more need for wrapping with a veneer, look no further than the original laminated timber column from Culpeper.

Culpeper Laminated Timber Columns

Benefits of these attractive, long-lasting Culpeper Columns:

Benefits of these attractive, long-lasting Culpeper Columns:

  • Ready for immediate installation
  • Seal with a quality oil based primer and paint or stain as soon as possible, no later than upon installation
  • Made from Southern Pine
  • Sturdy & lightweight
  • Limited warranty against damage from termites & fungal decay
  • Greater load-carrying capacity than solid timbers
  • Easier to install than solid timbers
  • Less likely to twist
  • Strength ratings outperform composite & PVC options
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Culpeper Columns are kiln dried after treatment.  They must be stored and kept dry prior to and during installation.  They must be primed and painted or stained immediately after installation.

Each Culpeper Column is affixed with the required care, handling, and installation instructions.  Disregarded installation instructions or a step missed can lead to a loss of performance efficiency of the column, compromise the quality, diminish the customer experience, and even have safety and hazard-related consequences.  These instructions provide information on where to obtain additional information regarding Culpeper Columns.  Culpeper Columns come with a Limited Residential Warranty that describes what is covered, conditions, and exclusions. Customers are encouraged to file warranty claims with Culpeper Wood Preservers in the event a covered issue arises subsequent to proper installation.

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