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CULPEPER DECKING UPGRADES will take your outdoor project to the next level.  Whether you are looking for extra protection from the elements or beautiful refined wood, we can help transform your outdoor project into an outdoor oasis.

CULPEPER PLUS offers an extra level of refinement.  Choose any board in our line up (2x4-2x12) and add extra smooth, refined surfaces and radius edges.  Your next project deserves the beauty of Culpeper Plus.

CULPEPER AQUA SHIELD DECKING offers you extra protection from the elements. Take your decking to the next level of protection with our Culpeper Aqua Shield water repellent.

Upgrade to CULPEPER KDAT and enjoy the timeless appeal of natural wood but with the added benefits of being lighter, stronger, less likely to shrink, cup or warp, and ready to paint, stain or seal immediately.

Additional Culpeper Products