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Benefits of Culpeper Products: Kiln Dried After Treatment

When Southern Yellow Pine is pressure treated it is completely saturated (wet after treatment) with a water based liquid solution of micronized copper azole preservative (MCA). As the wood dries out, it shrinks. The best place for this shrinking to occur is at the treating plant under controlled circumstances, NOT after the wood is installed on your home.

While there are many benefits of using Culpeper KDAT: (kiln dried after treatment) treated lumber, the most important one is that you are free to complete your project immediately. You can apply paint, stain, or sealant as soon as the project is finished.

When building with freshly treated lumber you must butt the boards tightly together. However, when building a deck out of Culpeper Kiln Dried After Treatment wood, be sure to leave a gap the width of an 8-penny nail (or 1/16”) between boards to allow for expansion.

Other Benefits of using Culpeper KDAT Lumber:

  • Dried to original moisture content
  • Increased strength and stiffness
  • Lighter weight than freshly treated lumber
  • Easier to cut, install and handle
  • Minimizes the natural tendency to shrink, cup and warp
  • Ready to paint, stain or seal immediately

Recommended Applications:

  • Decks
  • Trim and window casings
  • Permanent wood foundations

Culpeper KDAT is available in all the products we offer.

NO MATTER YOUR PROJECT, ALWAYS APPLY A QUALITY PAINT, STAIN OR SEALANT FROM ANY CULPEPER STOCKING DEALER. A simple test to be sure your project is thoroughly dry enough to accept a finish is as follows: Splash water on the deck surface, if water droplets form on contact, the lumber is not yet dry enough to accept a finish. If water is absorbed into the wood it is time to apply or reapply a quality paint, stain or sealant. We recommend sealing your deck once a year.