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End tags on CULPEPER pressure treated lumber are a vital source of information, as well as trust and peace of mind. With information on the front a back of the tag, a wealth of knowledge can be gained by this tag attached directly to the product, for your convenience, including:

  • Intended Use Statement:
    Above Ground, Ground Contact, Marine
  • Applicable Industry Standards/Specifications
    (AWPA or ICC-ESR):
    The AWPA Use Category System (AWPA Standard U1) designates what preservative systems and retentions have been determined to be effective in specified exposure conditions. There are five major Use Categories that clearly describe these exposure conditions:  UC1, UC2, UC3, UC4, UC5.  These categories are further broken down into sub-categories to define the degree of exposure hazards.
  • Preservative Type:
    This is the type of chemical used in the pressure treatment process.
  • Preservative Retention:
    This is the minimum retention specified in the applicable industry standard for a batch charge of preserved wood. Preservative retention minimums are usually list on end tags and stamps in pounds per cubic feet (PCF).
  • The SPIB Mark:
    On treated wood products the SPIB Mark has long been accepted in the marketplace as a symbol of quality. This mark has signified voluntary producer adherence to the Bureau's standards of quality for over five decades and is widely recognized and accepted by specifiers, users, and code enforcement personnel. Producers in good standing under our Third-Party Quality Audit Program may use the SPIB mark in association with the WWPI Checkmark for products treated according to AWPA Standards or the ICC-ES Global Logo for products treated according to ICC Evaluation Service Reports.
  • Warranties & SDS:
  • A complete listing of Culpeper Wood end tags is available here:

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