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How Wood Stacks Up Against Composites

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The Go To Choice For Your Outdoor Oasis

Wood is the most environmentally friendly building material available today. Unlike steel, concrete or plastics, it takes very little energy to produce. And unlike all other building materials, wood is a renewable resource. By using Culpeper pressure treated wood, you are making an investment in a renewable resource with great natural beauty.



One of the many benefits of working with natural wood is its lower upfront cost. You can install a natural wood deck for less money than you would spend on the alternative, a great incentive for taking the natural route.



Wood is naturally beautiful, period. Although composite materials mimic real wood, there is no replacement for the look, feel and smell of real wood.



Wood can easily be transformed by sanding and applying a new coat of stain. Since composites are manufactured, the appearance isn’t easily (or cheaply) changed. Considering the speed at which styles change, this versatility allows you to keep your deck from looking outdated.

If you choose to expand your wood deck or add a shade structure, simply purchase the same wood species and your addition will look seamless. If you want to expand your composite deck, you’ll first need to make sure the shade of your original composite deck is still produced. At which point, you could be left with the choice to have your addition not match the rest of your deck or, worse, start over completely.


After Effects

Wood is a natural, renewable resource, and therefore, biodegradable. Wood decks store carbon throughout their
lives, making for a much lower carbon footprint.

Unlike real wood, composites end up in landfills. Composite decking is typically made from a combination of different synthetic materials that are processed to give the appearance of wood. Choose a material that doesn't just have minimal impact on nature, but will eventually return to it as compost.

While many people purchase a composite deck because they think it requires zero maintenance, that isn’t quite true. Any structure exposed to the elements will require some yearly maintenance.

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