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Many parents are considering playsets built out of pressure treated wood for their backyards. One question we often get asked is: “Is this material safe for children, pets, and the environment?” The answer to this question is absolutely YES!

The Pressure Treating Process

Let us explain the process at each of our Culpeper plants. Our pressure treated lumber products are treated in a pressurized cylinder. The treating process forces a waterborne preservative deep into the cellular structure of the wood providing long-term protection. The wood can now be used in a variety of outdoor applications, including playsets.

Is this Safe for my kids & pets?

Perfectly safe. You can play barefoot on it, build garden beds out of it, lie out in the sun on it, or eat a picnic on it. Treated lumber is a nontoxic product and is perfectly safe for everyday use around your home.

Now, about those playsets …

There are many impressive looking play sets out there with towering beams and many add-ons. However, if you don’t choose the right wood, your playset simply won’t last – wasting your money and potentially endangering your kids.

A weak wood will quickly warp, crack, or fall apart, so be sure to get the strongest and most decay-resistant wood possible. CULPEPER Pressure Treated Wood is southern yellow pine. This species is one of the safest and strongest options, plus you get the extra benefit of it being pressure treated for long term protection. If you would like even more information regarding why you should choose wood, click here.

Now you know the key points to look at when planning to build a playset. Start by choosing CULPEPER Pressure Treated Wood for its durability and long life. Then combine it with the right accessories for a strong and safe playground that will be enjoyed by your family for many years.

Ready to start planning your playset? Click here to see various designs in CULPEPER Inspirations.